Battlefield V gets chapter that revolves around jungle fighting in the Pacific Ocean

Battlefield V gets a new chapter called Into the Jungle. As the name suggests, this chapter revolves around the jungle battles between the Americans and the Japanese that took place in the Pacific during World War II.

Into the Jungle will be the sixth chapter to be added to Battlefield V and will become available to anyone who owns the game on February 6. The most important addition is a playing field that introduces the Solomon Islands, an important battlefield in World War II, where, for example, the battle for Guadalcanal took place, the largest island in the archipelago.

According to Ea, the battles on the new map will revolve around short-range battles, with dense forestation, rivers, dark mangroves, swamps and hidden bunkers. It is mainly about infantry battles, but land and sea vehicles also play a role. In addition to the familiar modes such as Conquest, Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch, EA says the new playing field is especially suited to Breakthrough mode, where Americans have to storm the beach from the sea and make their way through the jungle.

Furthermore, new weapons will become available, these include the American bazooka for the Assault class and the lunge mine for the Japanese. This mine was in fact a suicide weapon directed against tanks. An earlier test video shows that this weapon in Battlefield V probably can not be used as a suicide weapon, where the player remains alive after storming a tank with this weapon. In addition, the Assault class will also have access to the M2 Carbine.

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