Doors, Grenades, and a extra Death. - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This title might me confusing, well let me explain.

I have played the absolute shit out of the Cod: Modern warfare beta and easily reached the level cap of 30, but I noticed something, which was, well, interesting.

You know how this Call of duty added the great addition of doors? (Like non sarcastically its one of the best features they added) Well I made a mistake with them, I thought I could open a door with 1 hand while holding a grenade in the other, oh boy was i wrong.

I'm sad to say this happened around 5 times to me, I mean if you think about it you should definitively be able to open the door, but okay its a design decision (or a glitch I have no idea) but still my brain couldn't handle the idea of it so i died 5 times by it.

I absolutely love this game, but man am I gone die a lot by doors.

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