eFootball PES 2020 review

Before I start, Konami, why did you have to add eFootball to his version? your throwing damn title gore in here.

But well it is what it is, lets get to the review!

So we are gone look at a few of the usual things (Gameplay, graphics, etc.) and also some football only related things (Quality of refs and goalkeepers.)


The gameplay is fantastic, its truly the main thing it has over fifa, it just feels a lot more realistic, the player movement, the ball movement, the speed of the game, the passing, the shooting and so much more. There is room for work tho, some things like slow defenders easily being as fast as for example Aubameyang is kinda weird and annoying sometimes but with some dribbling skill that can be fixed, the passing feels quite good but the main beauty is the goals, it actually feels great to score as you slowly build towards it or use a fast counter attack.


This is an interesting one, cause the grass, the ball, and the scanned faces look absolutely perfect, its truly amazing, but the non scanned faces or the custom created faces look way more fake and "plastic" Don't get me wrong, they aren't really bad but the difference between scanned and non scanned is huge.


No, just no, there are like 2 or 3 good songs but just like all the football games for all the past years, its just not good, hearing them all for the first time most of them were okay but after hearing them 3 or more times they get quite annoying, luckily you can just disable them and throw on some spotify in the background.


Oh god is it awful, after hearing some of the lines you would be thinking "oh this is not that bad." But the low variety in the commentary and quite frankly also the voices used get quite annoying and boring after a bit. Same as with the music, disable it and throw on a spotify list and it will be much better.


Myclub is the pes equivalent of ultimate team in fifa, there are some big differences to be found, for example in myclub its 10x easier to get a great team than in ultimate team at least that stays true till the free coins run out you get at the beginning and from some challenges, after that it will still be a lot easier then in fifa but it still takes a lot of time without buying as the only way to get free coins is from some of the daily bonuses(Even tho that is already more ways then in ultimate team which has 0)


These are interesting, there is some complaining around the refs in the pes community but its not that bad, yes they make mistakes some times and may act unfair in certain matches but 90% of the time they do quite a good job, although its quite a shame that the other 10% has to happen.


The goalkeepers are really good, they stop a lot of balls but they arent absolute gods or absolute disasters, even 70 rated keepers can make some beautiful saves, you don't have to have a 90+ rated keeper to stop some balls and it makes scoring a lot more achieving then in fifa.


Master league is great fun, they added cut scenes but they aren't that interesting, there is no voice acting so you just see animated people awkwardly talking with some music or sounds in the background, its a fun addition i guess but after watching all the cut scenes once you will have had enough of them and just skip them.

Quite a big minus at least for me is that you can't customize your manager but you can select a manager from around 20 legendary managers, these include people like Cruijff and kinda makes it not such a big problem that you can't customize your manager.

It does lack some features like a good scouting system (it has a scouting system but just not that good) or a good young talents, these aren't to big of a problem but its a reason to lower the final score as masterleague is definitely a reason a lot of people but this game.


The biggest reason fifa outsells pes every year is because of licenses, a lot of real clubs are not in the game and are being replaces by fake clubs that try to mimic the real club but with other logos, names and the clothes of course, this however can easily be fixed using a option file that you can get paid from pesuniverse or for free on pesworld or other websites, making this problem pretty much almost non existent.


Pes 2020 is a really fun game, it has some problems, but in gameplay it simply is much better then anything else on the market, konami did start asking 50 euros instead of 40 which may understandably be a problem for some but a bit of googling reveals some website which sell it for 40 or even 30 euros. And its definitely worth the 40 euros, so my final verdicts for eFootball PES 2020 is a 7.8 out of 10, and id recommend any football fans to give it a try.

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