Mario Kart Tour has more downloads but less sales than other Nintendo apps.

Mario Kart Tour was downloaded 90 million times in the first week, according to Sensor Tower, an agency of analysts. That's much more than previous Nintendo smartphone games. However, in-app purchase revenues are lower compared to other mobile games from Nintento.

The number of 90 million downloads in the first week is much higher than other Nintendo smartphone games, says Sensor Tower. Animal Crossing ranks second with 14.3 million downloads and Super Mario Run ranks third with 13 million downloads in the first week. The latter game was first released for iOS only.

Although the game is frequently downloaded, according to the analyst agency, revenues in the first week are lower than for the other games. The turnover so far would be 12.7 million dollars, while Fire Emblem Heroes yielded 28.2 million dollars in one week. Super Mario Run also yielded more with $16.1 million in the first week. However, this is a game of which a small part is free and the rest has to be unlocked for a fee.

According to Sensor Tower, users of the iOS version have spent $9.6 million, or 75.5 percent of the total, despite the fact that the Android version has been downloaded more often. The analyst's office calculates that Mario Kart Tour was downloaded 53.5 million times for Android and 36.5 million times for iOS in the first week. The turnover per download is currently 0.26 dollars for iOS and 0.06 dollars for Android.

Mario Kart Tour was released a week ago. The smartphone game is free to play, but there is also a paid subscription for a 200cc mode and additional items. That costs 5.50 euros per month. How many players have payed for the subscription is not known. There are also other in-game purchases in the game.

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