Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Review

Well, this game is a disaster, alright that's maybe a bit rough, but man this game is bad, i'd like to say read this review to see if its worth your money but *Spoiler* I'ts not, why? Well lets see.


Gameplay! the easily most important feature of almost any game and esspecialy a RTS game, well its okay, its really nothing that special if you compare it with the previous games and i'd even say its worse at times, not a lot to be said about it since almost nothing chanced,


Oh well this is one of its worst features, you want to know the factions? The Soviet Union and the USA, that's all. France? UK? East Germany or west Germany? Ukraine maybe or Poland? nope, and nope, none of that, just the USA and the Soviet union, and with just a normal roster size for units it gets boring and repetitive quickly.


The units one is interesting, the USA and soviet union have some interesting good looking units but since there are only 2 factions they get boring quickly, "But they added planes and helicopters right?!" Oh yes they did, and it was a mistake, planes and helicopters shouldn't be in this series, it just doesn't fit with the gameplay and they are really not balanced.


At first when I started the game i thought they were making a joke, oh lord were they not, 5 MAPS and 2 MODES, yes for a 20 euro game u get 5 maps that aren't even that special and 2 modes, are they even trying?


Oh well the graphics, they are nothing that special, if you look at call of arms and then at this game you'll have a really hard time spotting a difference, they ain't bad they ain't good, but its a RTS game so graphics aren't that important.


It''s okay I guess, closer to bad then good actually, I guess at some times u can have a bit of a fun time with it but overall its a tedious bad experience.


I don't know what to say here, I love the series but I just can't find enjoyment in this game, if i compare it with the other games I can't find a single positive thing in this game. If you 1v1 a friend it can be some fun but i can't bring myself to give this game anything higher than a 2.

My final review for the game is a 2.0 like i said, a disaster, don't pick it up.

Disclaimer (I got a review key for free for this game, however, we at stand for honest and real reviews, this means me receiving they key has in no way influenced by opinion or review of the game.)

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