Version 1.0 of Half-Life Remake Black Mesa will be released on March 5.

Version 1.0 of Black Mesa, the remake of the classic shooter Half-Life, will be released on March 5 from early access. The game is developed by studio Crowbar Collective with the permission of Valve and has been in development for over 14 years now.

According to the makers, the biggest change from the original Half-Life is the renewal of the artificial intelligence. This should make battles, both against humans and aliens, more challenging. This should lead to soldiers who try to pin down players with cover fire, try to circle them, and communicate more with each other. Also, the ai opponents would be more effective with throwing grenades and using grenade launchers. Furthermore, there is new music, voice acting, the interface has been refreshed and of course the graphics have been hugely improved.

In the announcement post, the developer states that the game is not finished with the 1.0 release, the game will continue to get updates. Those updates will be free of charge.

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